Our Journey

Marching toward greatness from each single step

Chen Yuan International has been striving to become the best supplier from day one. During the initial establishment phase in 2001, the excellent water repellent products provided by the company received recognition by major clients including Formosa Plastic Group.

Officially entering the semiconductor industry in 2007, Chen Yuan International managed to develop a substantially competitive slurry dispense system through its autonomous researched and developed essential technology, for which the functions are continuously updated to conform to the rigorous requirements of nano-grade processes.

Chen Yuan International’s solutions that consist of solid technology as well as stable and reliable quality have been highly regarded by TSMC, which facilitated the partnership between the two companies. By cooperating with the clients’ demand and requirements over the years, Chen Yuan International had developed the most advanced<Slurry Dispense System> , and became a Taiwanese manufacturer who is capable of providing such high quality and stable system and equipment.

The slurry dispense system of Chen Yuan International sits firmly at each client’s wafer foundry to shoulder the significant responsibility of dispensing stable and high quality slurry until this day, and has become one of the important partners in technology development for clients.

Our Core Values

Simplify complexity

Simplifying an initially complicated process for easier operation has always been what Chen Yuan International excels in. We understand that wafer foundries are constantly pursuing to maximize production capacity and yield rate, thus the optimization of each process is profoundly important. A simple simplification in the process creates enormous benefits, and the key in simplifying complexity is our core technology. 

Chen Yuan International’s R&D team has continuously accumulated a number of patents and grasped on critical technology in order to consistently improve on the slurry dispense system according to the feedbacks and requirements of clients, which results in a more intuitive operation and easier monitoring. Such flexible adaptability has helped the company in successfully assisting clients in elevating their production capacity and yield rate, which in turn reinforced their competitive advantages.

Our Vision

The best manufacturer in the world for slurry and chemical dispense system

A more advanced wafer process requires a more intricate technology support, and now Chen Yuan International has become an important partner in the polishing process for various major wafer foundries by having succeeded in assisting with the optimization of the polishing process for world class wafer foundries.

Standing on the existing foundation, Chen Yuan International will continue to apply its patented technology on developing the most advanced slurry dispense system and chemical dispense system in the future, in order to satisfy the requirements of various global wafer foundries, and become a stable and reliable technology backing all along.

Our Philosophy

Client demand as first priority

Clients’ demand will forever be our highest priority, and this service spirit is the belief of each single employee of Chen Yuan International.
Our team can always resolve the issues encountered by our clients, which makes us their most trustworthy technical partner, because even the most trivial problems of our clients are our top priority.